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Welcome to Lexington Outdoor and Archery Shop SC

Archery Shop SC

We are excited to announce that Lexington Outdoors and Archery now has an Federal Firearms License!  Stop by today and order your new gun.  We have plenty of ammo in stock as well.   We are open from 9 – 6  Monday through Friday and 8 – 4 on Saturday!

Lexington Outdoors and Archery, your newest Guns, Ammo, Archery, and Outdoor dealer!

With turkey season now open, we have a nice selection of Kicks Turkey Chokes in stock.  Come see us!

Pre-owned Mathews bows in stock

pse crossbow video

PSE Crossbow Video

The PSE Crossbow Video:

What do you do when you already make the fastest compound bow ever made? You challenge your engineers to do the impossible and make one even faster. But they didn’t just meet the challenge, they put boot to rear and blew past it at a record-breaking 370 fps! Of course, lightning speed is just one of the amazing features of the all-new Full Throttle; the bow is also easy to shoot with a comfortable draw and incredible accuracy. At PSE, we aren’t just happy with being the best, we’re on a mission to do the impossible…and one shot with the new Full Throttle™ will have you saying “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!”

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